PS4, Wii and Xbox One

Repairs and Upgrades



- HDMI Repairs 

- Unable to read disc

- Not Powering on 

- Tune up/Cleaning 

Did you know that number one issue on the PlayStation 4 is the HDMI port! Here at Broken Phone, we ARE . THE. EXPERTS!  Because we have the professional equipment and expert techs, the repair can be done either with same day or next day service.

Hmmm....did I just read that they can "upgrade" my hard drive on my ps4? I wonder how much more? cause my stupid 500GB sure is running out....

It doesn't stop there though, we can also work on hard drive upgrades, hard drive failure, error disc reading and even re balling the APU. 

Location & Contact

2728 West 70th st 

Shreveport, LA 71108

(318) 606-2896

5864 Line Ave 

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