At Broken Phone we constantly strive to provide a professional service to you, in an effort to retain customer loyalty and to uphold our rapidly-growing reputation. All of our repairs are conducted by certified technicians with the highest quality of OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts. We stand by our pledge to our customers to replace any part that became distorted, was defective, or faulty due to workmanship error, at no extra cost to you.

At The Broken Phone, all repair jobs are done by our top level 3 certified technicians to insure your device are working the way it should. And we will assure it with our 90 warranty towards repair part

Accidents happen every second of every day. Unfortunately, our precious cell phones and other important personal electronic devices are not immune. This factor is the EXACT REASON that we, here at Broken Phone, understand your frustration when it comes to these unforeseen events. We are CERTIFIED professionals educated by the BEST UNIVERSITIES. We understand your phone down to a molecular level. We think at the engineering level where other shops only see the major parts level. Because we aren't restricted to what part comes out of a vendor, we can perform fixes that can put you back into your communication world in no time, often costing less than the others! We also ensure that we back all our work with a 90-day warranty to provide additional peace of mind. 

Location & Contact

2728 West 70th st 

Shreveport, LA 71108

(318) 606-2896

5864 Line Ave 

Shreveport, LA 71106

(318) 716-1660